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Word Example of - handkerchief

Example Sentences for handkerchief

But while he was saying “courage,” he was pressing his handkerchief on the wound.

"N-o-o," said Sylvia, drying her eyes on Paul's handkerchief, which he produced.

I did him up in my handkerchief, but that did not suit him at all.

But she struggled and kept her hands between the handkerchief and her throat.

While the jug of water and the handkerchief are being exhibited the pack of cards is on the table.

Deborah, silent and fierce, grabbed at the handkerchief, and tore it from Maud's grasp.

I had quick ways, an' the first time I ever hauled out a handkerchief I thought it about the smartest game anybody could play.

"I'm going down to the road to wave my handkerchief to you," she said.

Nothing can ever happen to me again so dreadful as that, said Jim, putting up his handkerchief to wipe his damp forehead.

He got the handkerchief stowed away with the same clumsiness.

Word Origin & History of - handkerchief

    Word Origin & History

    handkerchief 1530, from hand + kerchief "cloth for covering the head" (see kerchief). Thus it is a one-word contradiction in terms.

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