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Word Example of - handout

Example Sentences for handout

All at once I was hungry enough to have gone and asked for a handout.

If I had the coin, wouldn't I give them a handout of fresh air and milk?

It appears like I'm givin' all I've got for a handout at the kitchen door of the big company.

He had not been expecting any handout, so he was not disappointed.

Maybe we asks fer a handout now and then; but that ain't our reg'lar way.

I find that in asking for a handout the man who looks up-to-date is the man who gets it.

Word Origin & History of - handout

    Word Origin & History

    handout "alms or food given to a beggar," 1882, hobo slang, from hand (v.) + out.


The Synonym of - handout (noun)

The Definition of - handout (noun)

    noun, Informal.
    a portion of food or the like given to a needy person, as a beggar.
    any printed, typed, mimeographed, or photocopied copy of information, as a speech, policy statement, or fact sheet given to reporters, attendees at a meeting, or the like.
    anything given away for nothing, as a free sample of a product by an advertiser.