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Word Example of - harp

Example Sentences for harp

C 18 may be corrected by B 10, though there is an absurd jumble of pipes and harp in the latter.

MacDraoi took up the harp and he pulled the strings back-ways.

But when little Ali was brought out and he began to play on his kanoon, his harp, it was impossible to repress Naomi's excitement.

He cut them and he bent them and he formed a harp from them.

Then Sir Tristram perceived how he had been betrayed and he put aside his harp and rose from where he sat.

Again the minstrel took his harp and sang, and again Odysseus wept.

He sat down, back of the harp, and made ready to sweep the strings.

He put it to his ear to try its tenseness as a minstrel tunes his harp.

What is symbolized by the second string upon the harp of God?

My doctor at Cromer often told me that I vibrated like a harp at the slightest touch.

Word Origin & History of - harp

    Word Origin & History

    harp O.E. hearpe, from P.Gmc. *kharpon- (cf. O.N. harpa, Du. harp, O.H.G. harpfa). L.L. harpa, source of words in some Romanic languages, is a borrowing from P.Gmc. The verb is O.E. hearpian. Figurative sense of "talk overmuch about" first recorded 1510s, originally to harp upon one string. Related: Harped; harping. The harp seal (1784) is so called for the harp-shaped markings on its back.

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