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Word Example of - heel

Example Sentences for heel

Then she turned on her heel all of one piece, like a statue on a pivot, and went homewards.

But if so, the officer had enough then, for he turned upon his heel impatiently.

As he felt the heel of the mountain about crush his head, he sprang again to his feet.

I told the mate to light a Bengola on the heel of the bowsprit.

My heel came in contact, in sickening contact, with a human head; beyond doubt that I had split the skull of the man who held me.

My tyrant turned on his heel, and hastened back to the store.

But evil fortune had not yet grown weary of stamping its heel on Amadeo Zureda's honest shoulders.

"Good evening, Monsieur Binet," she interrupted him, turning on her heel.

Then her mother handed her the knife, saying, "Cut a piece off your heel; when you are queen you will never have to go on foot."

"Away with him below," said Brabant, turning on his heel and walking aft.

Word Origin & History of - heel

    Word Origin & History of - heel

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