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Word Example of - hen

Example Sentences for hen

It had seized the hen, and refused to let go when she tried to scare it away.

It is curious that the hen, though in other respects like the male, has no beard.

To the ordinary observer the cock myna is as like the hen as one pea is like any other pea.

I say, Hen, pop in at the Bath on your way home and have a whiskey and soda.

The inmates of the cottage were a woman, a tom-cat, and a hen.

And though Mrs. Hen hopped in after him she couldn't find him anywhere.

The Duckling thought one might have a different opinion, but the Hen would not allow it.

Silly Mrs. Hen decided that she wouldn't tell what she had done.

The hen generally lays from fifteen to twenty eggs, sometimes fewer and often many more.

From the back of the house a hen clucked in an excited, aggravated manner.

Word Origin & History of - hen

    Word Origin & History

    hen O.E. hen, from W.Gmc. *khannjo (cf. M.Du. henne, O.H.G. henna), fem. of *khan(e)ni "male fowl, cock" (cf. O.E. hana "cock"), lit. "bird who sings for sunrise," from PIE base *kan- "to sing" (see chant). The original masc. word survives in Ger. (Hahn "cock"), Swed., Dan., etc.; extension to "female of any bird species" is early 14c. in English. Hen as slang for "woman" dates from 1620s; hence hen party "gathering of women," first recorded 1887. Henpecked is from 1680."The henpect Man rides behind his Wife, and lets her wear the Spurs and govern the Reins." [Samuel Butler]

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