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hoodwink Meaning in Bengali. English to Bangla online dictionary. "hoodwink meaning in bengali". Google Translate "hoodwink".

Similar Words: hoodwinkings, hoodwinking, hoodwinkers, hoodwinker, hoodwinked, hoodwinkable

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Word Example of - hoodwink

Example Sentences for hoodwink

Take notice that this "paladin" is a macaroni-seller, strongly suspected of trying to hoodwink the French courts.

You may find some better place for it--but then you haven't a maid to hoodwink.

They believe theyll be able to hoodwink us again; but wait and see.

Michael was so observant, so clear-sighted, that it was impossible to hoodwink him.

But how did you hoodwink that sagacious hawk, Robert Moncton?'

It is used by abolitionists to hoodwink and deceive the conscience.

Well, could we hoodwink you, you, one of the shining lights of the law?

Or you want me to wear the blinkers, the better to hoodwink your own eyes.

The manager was courteous and generously allowed Dr. Mignon and me one hour more, and said he would help us to hoodwink the Press.

He has not risen early enough in the morning to hoodwink me.

Word Origin & History of - hoodwink

    Word Origin & History

    hoodwink 1562, "to blindfold," from hood (1) + wink; fig. sense of "mislead, deceive" is 1610.

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The Definition of - hoodwink (verb)

    verb (used with object)
    to deceive or trick.
    Archaic. to blindfold.
    Obsolete. to cover or hide.