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Word Example of - ice

Example Sentences for ice

Far away in the distance two dark spots could be seen on the ice.

She did better when she reached the middle of the river, where the ice had been ground by the skates.

Out slipped the ice edge at the cove, a hundred fathoms further.

Suddenly he shook the spit from his breast and Loki fell down on the ice.

We saw a part of her quarter deck, with the ice piled up around it.

The word smote upon her like a touch of ice and her heart quailed.

His father had been drowned while driving across the ice on the Randsfjord .

There's plenty of ice now for everybody, manufactured in the town.

A little while on the ice might have improved it, but we gave it no time.

We charge jewelry rates for that ice, and war-prices for attendance.

Word Origin & History of - ice

    Word Origin & History

    ice O.E. is "ice," from P.Gmc. *isa- (cf. O.N. iss, O.Fris. is, Du. ijs, Ger. Eis), with no certain cognates beyond Gmc. Slang meaning "diamonds" is attested from 1906. Ice cream is first recorded 1688 (as iced cream); icing in the sugary sense is from 1769; ice cube first recorded 1929. To break the ice "to make the first opening to any attempt" is from 1590, metaphoric of making passages for boats by breaking up river ice though in modern use usually with implications of "cold reserve."

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