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Similar Words: inimically, inimicality, inimicalities

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Word Example of - inimical

Example Sentences for inimical

Only the inimical man opposite to me seemed to ignore the stir.

And it was that minute—that unsuitable, inimical minute—that I heard some one move!

There is a general impression in England, that the people of the United States are inimical to the parent country.

It was furtive, a distortion of life's facts and inimical therefore to life.

And these others with grey heads who are calling each other friend, though they appear to be inimical?

They could not think of other surroundings as separate or inimical.

But this intrusion was not necessarily of inimical significance, he argued.

Of all the tribes I believe the Sioux to be the most inimical to the Americans.

It contained a list of all those persons whom he deemed friendly, or inimical to himself.

He felt at the present time, moreover, that he was inimical to his mother and her interests.

Word Origin & History of - inimical

    Word Origin & History

    inimical 1643, from L.L. inimicalis "hostile," from L. inimicus "unfriendly, an enemy" (see enemy).

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The Definition of - inimical (adj)

    adverse in tendency or effect; unfavorable; harmful:
    a climate inimical to health.
    unfriendly; hostile:
    a cold, inimical gaze.