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What is the meaning of inquiry in English? What inquiry means? How do you use the word inquiry? What is another word for inquiry? What is the opposite of inquiry?

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Word Example of - inquiry

Example Sentences for inquiry

To the corporal's inquiry he replied that Ferry had just passed on.

But Lady Hunter did not know the facts about the church-door, on which the inquiry was based.

He had to face his landlord with some explanation of the bank's inquiry.

I cannot explain why I hesitated to press my first inquiry as to where the men were.

Soon will the poison of knowledge and inquiry be communicated to all classes.

On inquiry, I was informed that it was a lack of taste to make a portrait conspicuous.

Smith is only confirming what I said when I promised an inquiry.

On inquiry they found that the shack which the men had occupied was deserted.

Theo glanced up in surprise at the irrelevance of the inquiry.

Has Mr. Malkiel sent any reply to my inquiry, Mr. Ferdinand?

Word Origin & History of - inquiry

    Word Origin & History

    inquiry mid-15c., enquery, from enquere (see inquire). Respelled to conform to Latin from mid-16c.

The Definition of - inquiry (noun)

    noun, plural inquiries.
    a seeking or request for truth, information, or knowledge.
    an investigation, as into an incident:
    a Congressional inquiry into the bribery charges.
    the act of inquiring or of seeking information by questioning; interrogation.
    a question; query.