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Similar Words: interests, interestless, interestingnesses, interestingness, interestingly, interesting, interesterification, interester, interestedness

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Word Example of - interest

Example Sentences for interest

We visited all the places of interest, including the battlefield of Tel-eh-kebir.

But, whatever you may think about that, it shows her interest, and I thought you would like to know it.

What interpretation could she place upon these frequent marks of interest?

They were evidently engaged in the discussion of some topic of interest when I entered.

He went about absorbed in the interest and the actuality of this dream.

Our strange craft excited a good deal of interest all along the route.

The only acceptable explanation would be in terms of will and interest.

She was looking at the girl with interest and was surprised to note how pretty she was.

She seemed to take a great deal of interest in criminal cases.

Adherence to the Union was a matter of sentiment, a matter of interest.

Word Origin & History of - interest

    Word Origin & History

    interest early 15c., earlier interesse (late 14c.), from Anglo-Fr. interesse "what one has a legal concern in," from M.L. interesse "compensation for loss," from L. interresse "to concern, make a difference, be of importance," lit. "to be between," from inter- "between" + esse "to be." Form influenced 15c. by O.Fr. interest "damage," from L. interest "it is of importance, it makes a difference," third pers. sing. present of interresse. Financial sense of "money paid for the use of money lent" (1529) earlier was distinguished from usury (illegal under Church law) by being in ref. to "compensation ...due from a defaulting debtor." Meaning "curiosity" is first attested 1771.


The Definition of - interest (noun)

    the feeling of a person whose attention, concern, or curiosity is particularly engaged by something:
    She has a great interest in the poetry of Donne.
    something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, or arouses the curiosity of a person:
    His interests are philosophy and chess.
    power of exciting such concern, involvement, etc.; quality of being interesting:
    political issues of great interest.
    concern; importance:
    a matter of primary interest.
    a business, cause, or the like in which a person has a share, concern, responsibility, etc.
    a share, right, or title in the ownership of property, in a commercial or financial undertaking, or the like:
    He bought half an interest in the store.
    a participation in or concern for a cause, advantage, responsibility, etc.
    a number or group of persons, or a party, financially interested in the same business, industry, or enterprise:
    the banking interest.
    interests, the group of persons or organizations having extensive financial or business power.
    the state of being affected by something in respect to advantage or detriment:
    We need an arbiter who is without interest in the outcome.
    benefit; advantage:
    to have one's own interest in mind.
    regard for one's own advantage or profit; self-interest:
    The partnership dissolved because of their conflicting interests.
    influence from personal importance or capability; power of influencing the action of others.
    1. a sum paid or charged for the use of money or for borrowing money.
    2. such a sum expressed as a percentage of money borrowed to be paid over a given period, usually one year.
    something added or thrown in above an exact equivalent:
    Jones paid him back with a left hook and added a right uppercut for interest.
    verb (used with object)
    to engage or excite the attention or curiosity of:
    Mystery stories interested him greatly.
    to concern (a person, nation, etc.) in something; involve:
    The fight for peace interests all nations.
    to cause to take a personal concern or share; induce to participate:
    to interest a person in an enterprise.
    to cause to be concerned; affect.
    in the interest(s) of, to the advantage or advancement of; in behalf of:
    in the interests of good government.