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Similar Words: interviewing, interviewers, interviewer, interviewees, interviewee, interviewed, interviewable, interview shows, interview show

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Word Example of - interview

Example Sentences for interview

He called up the subject at once, and we have seen the close of his interview with Phyllis.

This interview gave her entire possession of herself:— so she believed.

It was an interview at night, out in the open, beneath the stars!

Now for the interview with Margaret, which had become necessary.

At length the turnkey said that the time allowed for the interview was ended.

Charming as she was, he wondered if she could do the interview—him—justice.

My interview with Governor Pickens was, to me, a memorable one.

He was shaken, too, by the interview he had had with the Huddersfield police.

The next thing in order which I have to relate is my interview with Moro Scindia.

My interview with Bivens led to a most important and embarrassing discovery.

Word Origin & History of - interview

    Word Origin & History of interview

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The Definition of - interview (noun)

    a formal meeting in which one or more persons question, consult, or evaluate another person:
    a job interview.
    a meeting or conversation in which a writer or reporter asks questions of one or more persons from whom material is sought for a newspaper story, television broadcast, etc.
    the report of such a conversation or meeting.
    verb (used with object)
    to have an interview with in order to question, consult, or evaluate:
    to interview a job applicant; to interview the president.
    verb (used without object)
    to have an interview; be interviewed (sometimes followed by with):
    She interviewed with eight companies before accepting a job.
    to give or conduct an interview:
    to interview to fill job openings.