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Word Example of - irrevocable

Example Sentences for irrevocable

Linger not in the thoughts of the past, Poppa; it is irrevocable.

If you understood me better, you would know that my decision is irrevocable!

She retires to the convent in the isle of Nonnewerth, and takes the irrevocable veil.

To Mel Hastings this marked a significant and irrevocable passage of time.

It is through the irresistible and irrevocable decrees of the gods that the city has fallen.

There was that in her tone which made Gabriel feel that her decision was irrevocable.

The irrevocable decision I have taken of not seeing you again has not been dictated to me by any one.

You are both troubled by the bitter memories of an irrevocable past.

A ratification, once it is given, dates back to the original transaction and is irrevocable.

Her eyes burned with the horror of witnessing some irrevocable deed.

Word Origin & History of - irrevocable

    Word Origin & History

    irrevocable late 14c., from L. irrevocabilis "that cannot be recalled," from in- "not" + revocabilis (see revoke).


The Definition of - irrevocable (adj)

    not to be revoked or recalled; unable to be repealed or annulled; unalterable:
    an irrevocable decree.