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Similar Words: loanword, loanshift, loansharking, loanshark, loans shark, loans, loanmonger, loanings, loaning shark

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Word Example of - loan

Word Example of loan

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Word Origin & History of - loan

    Word Origin & History of loan

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The Definition of - loan (noun)

    the act of lending; a grant of the temporary use of something:
    the loan of a book.
    something lent or furnished on condition of being returned, especially a sum of money lent at interest:
    a $1000 loan at 10 percent interest.
    verb (used with object)
    to make a loan of; lend:
    Will you loan me your umbrella?
    to lend (money) at interest.
    verb (used without object)
    to make a loan or loans; lend.
    on loan,
    1. borrowed for temporary use:
      How many books can I have on loan from the library at one time?
    2. temporarily provided or released by one's regular employer, superior, or owner for use by another:
      Our best actor is on loan to another movie studio for two films.