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robust Meaning in Bengali. English to Bangla online dictionary. "robust meaning in bengali". Google Translate "robust".

Similar Words: robustnesses, robustness, robustly, robustity, robustiousness, robustiously, robustious, robusticity, robustic

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Word Example of - robust

Word Example of robust

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Word Origin & History of - robust

    Word Origin & History of robust

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The Definition of - robust (adj)

    strong and healthy; hardy; vigorous:
    a robust young man; a robust faith; a robust mind.
    strongly or stoutly built:
    his robust frame.
    suited to or requiring bodily strength or endurance:
    robust exercise.
    rough, rude, or boisterous:
    robust drinkers and dancers.
    rich and full-bodied:
    the robust flavor of freshly brewed coffee.
    strong and effective in all or most situations and conditions: The system requires robust passwords that contain at least one number or symbol.
    Our goal is to devise robust statistical methods.