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Word Example of - Aerial

    Example Sentences for aerial

    The special pay for officers employed in aerial work is undecided.

    We had no realization of the conditions under which aerial battles are fought.

    It circled and dipped, and down through the clear air aloft came the rippling "tap-tap-tap" of the aerial machine-guns.

    This is how the Powers stood in aerial furnishing when the first shot was fired.

    While there was still light, an aerial battle took place overhead.

    The other,—how delicate, how translucent, how aerial she seemed!

    And, as I say, the German army knows of this, and knows that it cannot prevent it because of its aerial weakness.

    It now extinguished the flame, but I found only some traces of aerial acid in it.

    Is it memory which traces their aerial way across regions seen for the first time?

    Lucien's impatience was extreme; he was enchanted with this aerial route.

Word Origin & History of - Aerial

    Word Origin & History

    aerial c.1600, from L. ærius "airy," from Gk. aerios "of the air, pertaining to air," from aer "air" + adj. suffix -al. The noun is 1902 (short for aerial antenna, etc.).