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Word Example of - Bible

    Example Sentences for bible

    "I believe the Bible says to leave all and cleave unto your wife," returned Garrison.

    At their last interview in the Tower, Atterbury presented him with a bible.

    Then, heretic, you dare to say that the Bible is above the Church?

    He has lived in the Bible till its words have become his own.

    He went immediately to the stand where lay the Bible and hymn-book.

    Ten minutes later the bell-boy brought the paper and a Bible.

    Is there anything in our Bible as lofty and loving as the prayer of the Buddhist?

    I opened the Bible at random and my eye caught the word "misery."

    Dr. Fulton tells me that the Bible is the gift of God to man.

    In the bible translation the word is used as the equivalent of angel or spirit.

Word Origin & History of - Bible

    Word Origin & History

    Bible early 14c., from Anglo-L. biblia, from M.L./L.L. biblia (neuter plural interpreted as fem. singular), in phrase biblia sacra "holy books," a translation of Gk. ta biblia to hagia "the holy books," from Gk. biblion "paper, scroll," the ordinary word for "book," originally a dim. of byblos "Egyptian papyrus," possibly so called from Byblos (modern Jebeil, Lebanon), the name of the Phoenician port from which Egyptian papyrus was exported to Greece (cf. parchment). Or the place name might be from the Gk. word, which would then probably be of Egyptian origin. The Christian scripture was refered in Gk. as Ta Biblia as early as c.223. Bible replaced O.E. biblioðece (see bibliothek) as the ordinary word for "the Scriptures." Figurative sense of "any authoritative book" is from 1804.

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