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Word Example of - Bolshevism

    Example Sentences for bolshevism

    It seemed to me that Benham was at a public meeting denouncing Bolshevism to a very lethargic audience.

    In the Middle East, also, Bolshevism gained important successes.

    It did more to arouse the people of Scotland and England to put down the bolshevism of the time than any other loyal propaganda.

    Bolshevism is not only the antithesis of Capitalism but its mortal enemy.

    We are being threatened by more quack remedies—revolutionary socialism, syndicalism, and Bolshevism.

    It was not only starvation that had to be fought; it was approaching anarchy, it was Bolshevism.

    Bolshevism is internally aristocratic and externally militant.

    You mean that when Bolshevism rules there are to be rich and poor just the same as at present?

    Unwittingly they are augmenting the forces of Bolshevism and raising political enemies against themselves.

    Emigration and Bolshevism are the two symptoms of the disease that threatens the nation.

Word Origin & History of - Bolshevism

    Word Origin & History of Bolshevism

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