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Word Example of - Bolshevist

    Example Sentences for bolshevist

    Serious strikes with Bolshevist tendencies took place throughout the Dominion, especially in Winnipeg in the spring of 1919.

    Here is a Bolshevist manifesto to the Turkish masses, published in the summer of 1920.

    The renewed offensive of General Wrangel incited the Bolshevist sympathisers to start one on their own account.

    Some of them had enunciated Bolshevist doctrines as wild as any of Flynn's or Jacobi's.

    Jewish pogroms in Bolshevist Russia have occurred with particular intensity during the first half of 1918.

    What of the Prussian who, after all, had his ideal, as the Bolshevist has his?

    The Bolshevist is above all a bourgeois; a Jewish intellectual of the town.

    “Ask the Bolshevist refugees,” the Times correspondent said with a shrug.

    The population visited its wrath on the Jews, because some of the Bolshevist leaders are or are said to be Jews.

    He thought we were a pair of Bolshevist agents: I could see it.

Word Origin & History of - Bolshevist

    Word Origin & History of Bolshevist

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