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The Synonym of - Cheating (noun)

Word Example of - Cheating

    Example Sentences for cheating

    He accused Madison of cheating Erskine and repeated the accusation.

    I have been at several places where Hay scooped the pool, and it was all cheating.

    So we goes on agin, wif the air growing 'eavier like, and three 'oles later they both erpeals to me, fer both is cheating.

    While they were on shore another case, of cheating by a native occurred.

    No, their looks was rite enuff; it was only their dredfull 'abit of cheating as made the trubble.

    Cheating, lying, and gambling looked as if they would pay after all!

    This unheard of cheating of the servants must certainly lead to ruin.

    Peter Nikolaevich found it out, and charged Prokofy with cheating.

    He was what they called a 'very smooth player:' though I never heard of his being openly accused of cheating.

    When the pepper was being weighed, he told the native clerk, he was cheating.

Word Origin & History of - Cheating

    Word Origin & History

    cheat late 14c., aphetic of O.Fr. escheat, legal term for revision of property to state when owner dies without heirs, lit. "that which falls to one," pp. of escheoir "befall by chance, happen, devolve," from V.L. *excadere "to fall away," from L. ex- "out" + cadere "to fall" (see case (1)). Meaning evolved through "confiscate" (mid-15c.) to "deprive unfairly" (1590). To cheat on (someone) "be sexually unfaithful" first recorded 1934.