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Word Example of - Deceitful

    Example Sentences for deceitful

    He listened to Mr. Prohack, who spoke, in the most deceitful way, as if he had been through scores of such affairs.

    You are a crowd of hateful, deceitful, mean, horrible girls!

    I shall tell Travers, you deceitful, money-getting little fraud!

    The heart is deceitful, and it is no easy to carry a full cup.

    If it was really the cape and not the deceitful appearance of the mirage, we may be able, from that high place, to see it again.

    The way looked shadowy to her; she felt like a deceitful coward.

    They were the same rosy-cheeked, bright-eyed, deceitful, shameless creatures who had persuaded me into such folly at the fair.

    Deceitful hands—for they look unlike the things they do—the things they must do.

    This had been a comfort to his mind, but it was the very falsest and most deceitful consolation.

    But this deceitful quiet was only the calm that precedes the storm.

Word Origin & History of - Deceitful

    Word Origin & History of Deceitful

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