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Word Example of - Eloquent

    Example Sentences for eloquent

    And then mayhap you'll tell me if your Pitt was ever half so eloquent.

    But hers was that “eloquent silence” which is the opposite of indifference.

    You'll see that I was in these lettered lines, --Eloquent all the more, the less sincere!

    Some of his eloquent sentences had become watchwords in their mouths.

    I cannot be strong, logical, or eloquent in my own native and living language, much less in a foreign and a dead one!

    Margaret forbore from looking to challenge me with eloquent, questioning eyes.

    It seems irresistible to ask ourselves why might not our most eloquent tongue have treated our most lofty theme?

    The boy nodded; his eyes were eloquent, but he did not speak.

    It was a thin white hand, eloquent with weakness and suffering.

    He was an eloquent man, and he had not only “words,” but he had something to say.

Word Origin & History of - Eloquent

    Word Origin & History

    eloquent late 14c., from Fr. éloquent, from L. eloquentem, prp. of eloqui "to speak out" (see eloquence). Related: Eloquently.

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