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What is a better word for Find? What's another word for Find? What are 5 "Find synonyms"? How can I replace the word Find? What is the meaning of Find in English?

Word Example of - Find

    Example Sentences for find

    And when I find that which people tell me cannot be done, that I do--at once.

    However, I find I am pretty sure of her consent, if I am put to it.

    If you find it impossible to deal with us, there is no harm done.

    You may stay in here in this grave for the Yankees to find if they capture Morro as they say they will.

    I find this specimen growing in a cspitose manner on decayed wood.

    "You will find a boat on the shore just in front of you," began the other.

    Suppose I could not find an opportunity to escape with Jetta?

    It took but a moment for him to find the shell, for he had seen it roll from the other's hand.

    It is some years before we find another reference so definite.

    We find ourselves in the midst of the struggle before we are aware.

Word Origin & History of - Find

    Word Origin & History

    find O.E. findan "come upon, alight on" (class III strong verb; past tense fand, pp. funden), from P.Gmc. *finthanan (cf. O.S. findan, O.N. finna, M.Du. vinden, Ger. finden, Goth. finþan), originally "to come upon," perhaps from PIE *pent- "to go, pass, path, bridge" (cf. O.H.G. fendeo "pedestrian," Skt. panthah "path, way," Avestan panta "way," Gk. pontos "open sea," L. pons (gen. pontis) "bridge," O.C.S. poti "path," peta "heel"). To find out to discover by scrutiny is from 1550s. The noun meaning "person or thing discovered" is from 1825, from the verb.