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Word Example of - Finger

    Example Sentences for finger

    When a window is soiled you can write on it with your finger; then your finger becomes soiled.

    There was no stopping a torrent with a finger; so out it came.

    He hesitated, with his finger upon the switch-button of the weapon.

    I admit it was ridiculous, but you wouldn't lift your finger to make it less so.

    I urged him with my finger but still he refused to see the door.

    The drawing-room door was heard to open, and Morris put her finger on her lips.

    Shmuel started as if he had burnt his finger, and returned to his wife more crestfallen than ever.

    Moya responded as if he had been waiting with his finger on the stud.

    He gave me a costly ring, which I wear on my finger till now.

    Hurd nodded and caught his smooth chin with his finger and thumb.

Word Origin & History of - Finger

    Word Origin & History of Finger

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