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Word Example of - Frail

    Example Sentences for frail

    Impulsively she reached out a strong brown hand and placed it lovingly over the frail one near her.

    A fat beastly Negro swept by encircling the frail figure of a while girl.

    What matters it that this frame of dust be frail, and of tiny size—still may it be the tenement of a lordly spirit.

    All had to leap into the waves to save the frail boats from being broken on the stony beach.

    On this, the Company's servants began the task of strengthening their frail defences.

    The frail canoes were so crowded that there was no room to store away any game.

    He showed a greater eagerness for learning; and he was thought of too frail a constitution for any robust pursuit.

    Father Hennepin had landed, and was alone in a frail cabin which he had reared as a shelter from the hot sun.

    The wind was fair; the poor castaways put out to sea on this frail raft.

    What is done to help these frail pilgrims in an unknown world?

Word Origin & History of - Frail

    Word Origin & History

    frail mid-14c., "morally weak," from O.Fr. frele, from L. fragilis "easily broken" (see fragility). Sense of "liable to break" is first recorded in English late 14c. The U.S. slang noun meaning "a woman" is attested from 1908.