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Word Example of - Gaunt

    Example Sentences for gaunt

    Wilma followed a few feet above me, then Barker, Gaunt and Blash.

    For the first time in her life she saw in its gaunt lines the shadow of despair.

    It is drawn by a team of gaunt mules, usually six in number, with gay harness, and each animal has jangling bells around its neck.

    At the very gate he met a gaunt figure riding in on a squab pony.

    The old soldier ambled up the village street, all shadowy in the dawn, on a gaunt, scissor-hocked pony.

    He saw the tall, gaunt figure of his father standing behind him.

    There was no mistaking the tall, gaunt figure, even though the light of the sunset sky behind him made him look a veritable giant.

    He glanced at the sun, which was high in the sky, and then at Oxenford's gaunt face.

    He pretended that he had merely come to claim the estates and title of his father John of Gaunt, who had died a few months before.

    He had been listening, red-eyed, tired, gaunt for lack of sleep.

Word Origin & History of - Gaunt

    Word Origin & History

    gaunt 1440, from M.Fr. gant, of uncertain origin; perhaps from a Scand. source (cf. O.N. gand "a thin stick," also "a tall thin man").

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