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Word Example of - Hades

    Example Sentences for hades

    The unity of the scene in Hades extends, in the original version, even to the key-system.

    He had under him the great wrong-doers of one part of Hades.

    But no one, not even a goddess, can descend into this Hades alive.

    "Hades and Dionysos are one and the same," says one of the Fragments.

    Amateurishness has encircled women in the past like the seven rivers of Hades.

    And he put to himself the essential question: What the Hades was he playing at?

    They were the hounds of Arawn, a crowned king in the land of Annwn, the shadow-land of Hades.

    That Hades will burst up hereafter and become the Christian Hell.

    Cā€”ā€” imagined a Caledonian compartment in Hades, where there should be fire without sulphur.

    Two thousand miles afoot; three months of Hades; for nothing.

Word Origin & History of - Hades

    Word Origin & History

    Hades 1597, from Gk. Haides, in Homer the name of the god of the underworld, of unknown origin. The name of the god transferred in later Gk. writing to his kingdom.

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