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Word Example of - Hard

    Example Sentences for hard

    She was a Pole, she had been trained in a hard school, she was not afraid.

    There had been a hard winter, and after it the poor woman had suffered from fever and ague.

    The campaign of the previous month had been a hard one for the cavalry.

    The consternation of the Americans it would be hard to imagine.

    It is hard to quit Paradise for even such a tourney as we have before us.

    As he did so he struck a round, hard object that lay behind him.

    The floor is of hard matter, and the walls and ceilings of plaster.

    "Don't use any hard words, Cornwood," added the pilot, coolly.

    This is the portion eaten, and to use an Americanism, "It is not at all hard to take."

    The unfortunate Rajah's fidelity was now put to a hard proof.

Word Origin & History of - Hard

    Word Origin & History

    hard O.E. heard "solid, firm, not soft," also "severe, rigorous, cruel," from P.Gmc. *kharthus (cf. Du. hard, O.N. harðr "hard," O.H.G. harto "extremely, very," Goth. hardus "hard"), from PIE *kratus "power, strength" (cf. Gk. kratos "strength," kratys "strong"). The adv. sense was also present in O.E. Hard of hearing preserves obsolete M.E. sense of "having difficulty in doing something." Hard liquor is 1879, Amer.Eng. (hard cider is from 1789), and this probably led to hard drugs (1955). Hard facts is from 1887; hard news is from 1938. Hard-headed is first attested 1519; hard-hearted is c.1200. ...Hard-boiled "severe, tough" is from 1886; hard-core "tough" is 1951, extension to pornography is from 1970s. Hard up (1610s) is originally nautical, of steering (slang sense of "short of money" is from 1821), as is hard and fast (1867), of a ship on shore. Hardball in the figurative sense of "tough, uncompromising" is from 1973; hard-on "penile erection" first recorded 1893; hard times "period of poverty" is from 1705. Hard hat was originally (1935) "derby;" meaning "safety helmet" is from 1953; used figuratively for "construction worker" from 1970. Hard-wired is 1969, from computing. Hardscrabble "barren place" is first recorded 1804, in journals of Lewis and Clark.