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What is a better word for Ionic? What's another word for Ionic? What are 5 "Ionic synonyms"? How can I replace the word Ionic? What is the meaning of Ionic in English?

Word Example of - Ionic

    Example Sentences for ionic

    But in all these inscriptions Ionic characteristics are conspicuously absent.

    The pillars of this cloister were Doric on the ground-floor, Ionic above.

    The genitive form μαχαίρης in v. 26, thought to be Ionic, may lend a little support to this.

    Single Ionic columns also stand at the outer angles of the aisles.

    The relief is bounded by two Ionic columns surmounted by a flat arch.

    In the colonies in Asia Minor, the supremacy of the Ionic order had long been recognized.

    The house is remarkable for its well-preserved peristyle of fourteen Ionic columns, with their capitals.

    In this book I have written as clearly as I could on the arrangements of Ionic temples.

    A beautiful and early example of its use occurs on the torus of the Ionic columns of the Erectheum at Athens.

    We spoke of Homer's similes as illustrative of the Ionic feelings about war.

Word Origin & History of - Ionic

    Word Origin & History of Ionic

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