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Word Example of - aa

    Example Sentences for aa

    C or heavy linen thread "aa" make a little block of four strands of floss over four threads of the material.

    In fig. 1, aa is the body of the lock, bb the bolt and cc the key.

    A keen-bladed dissecting knife, thrown by Aa, stuck out from his left breast.

    AA is the board the resistance of which is to be determined.

    Storm (n), maapischi̍a (aa separated; final a short and low).

    The main frame is built up of two sidepieces, AA, Fig. 1, each 2 in.

    Nero, aa he s folces eaht geacsode, wear to feore afyrht, and mid fleame to wuda getengde.

    There is a maidenlistenshut uplisten, will youthere is aa maiden!

    Crist sylf gefstnode his sprce, aa h sprc to anum Samaritaniscan wfe mid isum worde, "Crede mihi:" t is, "Gelyf me."

    Horn, aaschi̍ (aa separated); or aanschi̍; (a and an French and separated).

Word Origin & History of - aa

    Word Origin & History

    A.A. abbreviation of Alcoholics Anonymous, attested by 1941, Amer.Eng. The group name was the title of a book published in 1938 by the founder, Bill W.

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