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Word Example of - abaca

    Example Sentences for abaca

    The abaca fiber is not spun or wrung, but is jointed end to end.

    Weavers of abaca left their looms and hung out of the windows to talk with their neighbours about the great event.

    Rice and abaca exported.The exports consist of rice and abaca.

    I never saw the species there and took my one specimen in the abaca, where the bird was eating spiders, nectar, and pollen.

    Carigara is open to coast trade, exports large quantities of hemp, raises much rice, and manufactures cotton and abaca fabrics.

    This bird was fairly common at Quoin Hill in the abaca and wild bananas and, at Kalabakan, in primary forest.

    Seated at her window she would hear a roaring tattoo in the grove of abaca palms to the south.

    Another use of mats is in the baling of two of the staple products of the Philippines, tobacco and abaca.

    Abaca is much stronger than hemp and is used white and unpitched.

    It is usually found growing in well drained soil under the shade of banana and abaca plants and areca palms.

Word Origin & History of - abaca

    Word Origin & History of abaca

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