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Word Example of - abacus

    Example Sentences for abacus

    Whenever the dimensions of the column were sufficiently great the stone beams which met upon the die or abacus had oblique joints.

    This, as pictured in the text, is the common Gerbert abacus.

    Now look under the abacus of this capital; you will find the stone hollowed out wonderfully; and also in this arch-mould.

    The abacus has a width equivalent to the thickness of the bottom of a column.

    The more slender the shaft, the greater, proportionally, may be the projection of the abacus.

    The abacus is the crowning member of the capital, as the capital is of the column.

    We worked, not with slate and pencil, but with a rectangular wooden frame set with beads, resembling an abacus.

    Though the month was February below it was May in the abacus of the column.

    Arithmetic is holding the tables of the abacus, and below her is sitting Abraham, its inventor.

    Norman abacus blended with Early English foliage in capitals.

Word Origin & History of - abacus

    Word Origin & History

    abacus late 14c., "sand table for drawing, calculating, etc.," from L. abacus, from Gk. abax (gen. abakos) "counting table," from Heb. abaq "dust," from root a-b-q "to fly off." Originally a drawing board covered with dust or sand that could be written on to do mathematical equations. Specific reference to a counting frame is 17c. or later.