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Word Example of - abandoning

    Example Sentences for abandoning

    He had been bothered by no fine qualms about abandoning herself.

    It seemed as if Providence had thrown it in their way; and they had no idea of abandoning it.

    She loved a man—to her the noblest, most god-like creature of his kind,—and she was happy in abandoning herself to him.

    Why did he not retire at once by the Kaluga road, abandoning Moscow?

    Lefin chose to remedy that by abandoning entirely the tradition, and by writing exactly as the people spoke.

    Abandoning the fight he rushed into the powder magazine and fired it.

    Occasionally Richardson lay back and pulled stoutly at the bridle to keep from abandoning his servant.

    Most of the teachers advised the abandoning of the effort to make bricks.

    Abandoning the religion of Moses, he had found no other in its place, and lived only for the present.

    She cannot bear the idea of abandoning the control of the house and estates to other hands.

Word Origin & History of - abandoning

    Word Origin & History

    abandon late 14c., "to subjugate, subdue," from O.Fr. abandoner "surrender," from à "at, to" + bandon "power, jurisdiction," in phrase mettre à bandon "to give up to a public ban," from L. bannum, "proclamation," from a Frankish word related to ban (v.). Etymologically, the word carries a sense of "put someone under someone else's control." Meaning "to give up absolutely" is from late 14c. Related: Abandoned; abandoning. The noun sense of "letting loose, surrender to natural impulses" (1822) is from Fr. abandon.

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