"abatement Synonyms"

What is a better word for abatement? What's another word for abatement? What are 5 "abatement synonyms"? How can I replace the word abatement? What is the meaning of abatement in English?

The Synonym of - abatement (noun)

Word Example of - abatement

    Example Sentences for abatement

    When the Bezoar and the Grandduke's oil failed to produce any abatement in the symptoms, the parish priest was sent for!

    The graciousness of her manner, however, underwent no abatement.

    I don't know who is; and I have no hope of getting any abatement.

    And yet what security is afforded by a present abatement of the visitation?

    Will demanded, his anger gaining ground in proportion to the abatement of his fears.

    "Not at all," said Lady Wolfer, with no abatement of her good humor.

    One of his earliest acts was to advise Mr. Brooke to grant an abatement of 25 per cent.

    Mendel himself led them on with an ardor that knew no abatement.

    Its abatement will be a work not of deliberation and design, but of defection through disuse.

    The gale showed no signs of abatement, while the sea had continued to increase.

Word Origin & History of - abatement

    Word Origin & History

    abatement 1510s, from O.Fr. abatement, from abattre (see abate)