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What is a better word for abbreviate? What's another word for abbreviate? What are 5 "abbreviate synonyms"? How can I replace the word abbreviate? What is the meaning of abbreviate in English?

Word Example of - abbreviate

    Example Sentences for abbreviate

    But he has described the affair so well himself that it would be useless to try to abbreviate it.

    "Well, abbreviate 'community,' that's the longest word," suggested Dick.

    Here he omits a whole sentence, and begins to abbreviate the story and alter it to suit himself.

    It is common, however, to abbreviate them in a manner peculiarly Malay.

    Abbreviate, and abridge; abbreviation is the shortening of a piece of writing no matter how accomplished.

    Page 289: "Ben: Perley Poore" did abbreviate his first name with a colon.

    Nothing can be added to it, and it would be impossible to abbreviate it.

    She thought his name long, but had not yet decided how to abbreviate it.

    It is to the interest of all who do not take a sex-party view of citizenship to abbreviate this struggle.

    There are a number of words which we abbreviate or contract, in our every-day use.

Word Origin & History of - abbreviate

    Word Origin & History

    abbreviate mid-15c., from L. abbreviatus, pp. of abbreviare "to shorten" (see abbreviation). Also sometimes 15c. abbrevy, from M.Fr. abrevier (14c.), from L. abbreviare. Related: Abbreviated; abbreviating.