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Word Example of - abbreviation

    Example Sentences for abbreviation

    The name dynamo is an abbreviation for dynamo-electric machine.

    It was so in the Pequod with the little negro Pippin by nick-name, Pip by abbreviation.

    Said to be simply a shortening or abbreviation of Sevenoaks, the Kentish village.

    The abbreviation for complement of latitude, or what it is short of 90°.

    Drill on the number of chapters in each book and on the abbreviation of each.

    The abbreviation of allotment, or allowance to wife or mother.

    Bartram states that bull is an abbreviation of bullet; the grapes being so called because they were of the size of a bullet.

    An abbreviation for the younger midshipmen, synonymous with mid.

    Conventionality in signs largely consists in the form of abbreviation which is agreed upon.

    Probably this was an abbreviation of Peggy, but we cannot tell.

Word Origin & History of - abbreviation

    Word Origin & History

    abbreviation mid-15c., from M.Fr. abréviation, from L.L. abbreviationem (nom. abbreviatio), from pp. of abbreviare "make brief," from L. ad "to" + breviare "shorten," from brevis "short, low, little, shallow" (see brief (adj.)).

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