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Word Example of - abdication

    Example Sentences for abdication

    They who have abdicated and have clung to their abdication have always lost by it.

    If they do not proclaim him, my abdication must be null, and not made.

    It was one last chance, and the King tore up the act of abdication.

    Your servant, my prince; you reigned most worthily, I condole with you on your abdication.

    England would not tolerate Bonaparte; she would not even tolerate his abdication in favour of his own son.

    Charles spent only ten years in the country until his abdication in 1555.

    It was at Rambouillet that Charles X passed those solemn last days before the abdication.

    They are going to the Chamber of Deputies to complete the abdication!

    He was chosen to bear to London the news of the first abdication of Napoleon in April 1814.

    The fundamental condition of life is the innate heat, the abdication of which is death.

Word Origin & History of - abdication

    Word Origin & History

    abdication 1550s, "a disowning," from L. abdicationem (nom. abdicatio), noun of action from abdicare (see abdicate); sense of "resignation of sovereignty" is from 1688.