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Word Example of - abdominal

    Example Sentences for abdominal

    Abdominal section fifty-three and a half hours after accident.

    This should be combined with the free exercise of the lungs and the abdominal muscles.

    A severe type, in which, if left alone, the appendix bursts into the abdominal cavity and death from general peritonitis results.

    He hence, in such cases, recommends the use of the "abdominal supporter."

    Posterior wings deep yellow, deeply bordered from the upper to the abdominal corners, with black.

    These are the mesothorax and the first eight abdominal segments.

    Although the infant may be restless at first, it does not appear to have any abdominal pain or tenderness.

    Pleopoda: abdominal legs of larva: posterior legs of an adult.

    The abdominal pain is of a tearing, lancinating, sometimes colicky character.

    Rhabdopoda: clasping organs of the 9th abdominal segment of male.

Word Origin & History of - abdominal

    Word Origin & History

    abdominal 1550s, from medical L. abdominalis, from abdomen (see abdomen). Abdominals short for "abdominal muscles" attested by 1980; colloquial shortening abs is attested by 1992.

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