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Word Example of - abduct

    Example Sentences for abduct

    “At the very least, that fellow has tried to abduct this young lady,” added Orme.

    Abduct a young woman, risk prison, and then afraid to lay hands on her!

    When he threatened three weeks ago to abduct me and let me witness his next crime, I realized that here was my chance.

    That means that nobody gets a show to abduct 'em while you're around, I take it?

    If he could not abduct Barbara and go free, he would kill himself when they came to take him.

    And you would not have found it necessary to abduct my daughter.

    Was it like devotion to me that you should try to abduct La Belle Stamboulane in the public street?

    She was to furnish money to send the girl to school, from which I was shortly to abduct her.

    If they could abduct in silence, they could have killed silently.

    Had I actually assisted the mysterious woman to abduct the child?

Word Origin & History of - abduct

    Word Origin & History

    abduct "to kidnap," 1834, in this sense probably a back-formation from abduction (q.v.); the earlier form was abduce and the meaning was "to draw away" by persuasion (1530s), from L. abducere "to lead away." Related: Abducted; abducting.

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