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The Synonym of - abducted (verb)

Word Example of - abducted

    Example Sentences for abducted

    In 1808 the royal family of Spain was abducted, and held virtually prisoners by Napoleon, while a new government was set up.

    He robbed the express company, and he has killed my father or abducted him.

    He succeeds in tracing him through the forests of Ecuador, where the abducted boy has become an Indian chief.

    You have been abducted from my house and brought here against your will.

    The two flyers, the one who had abducted Janet and the one who had bombed the set, talked.

    I might be waylaid, blindfolded, lifted into a carriage, and abducted.

    It was possible that Tugh was loyal; that Migul had abducted him and stolen the cage.

    Ahma—that is her name—is the only white child they ever abducted.

    To begin with, according to your story, I abducted this child.

    Had Marian been abducted by Monceux, and did the Squire fear to tell him?

Word Origin & History of - abducted

    Word Origin & History

    abduct "to kidnap," 1834, in this sense probably a back-formation from abduction (q.v.); the earlier form was abduce and the meaning was "to draw away" by persuasion (1530s), from L. abducere "to lead away." Related: Abducted; abducting.