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The Synonym of - abductions (noun)

Word Example of - abductions

    Example Sentences for abduction

    It is impossible that he could have arranged for the abduction.

    Have you ever heard of the abduction of the Duke of Mantua's secretary?

    Besides, the abduction of a child is an utterly illegal and reprehensible act—no matter what the motive.

    But I should be better pleased if you would tell us the reason for this abduction.

    Never before had Maria heard the history of Zra's abduction and escape, and she was amazed at the girl's endurance and bravery.

    He said that he had had nothing whatever to do with the abduction, and I believe him.

    The monk will be waiting for me near the chapel, ready to aid us should anyone attempt to oppose my niece's abduction.

    And again she thought of the abduction of the beautiful peasant girl.

    This doctrine of abduction, please your worship, hath been alway inculcated by the soundest of our judges.

    Gabe here, and apparently concerned in this abduction of Colon!

Word Origin & History of - abductions

    Word Origin & History

    abduction 1620s, "a leading away," from L. abductionem (nom. abductio), noun of action from abducere "to lead away," from ab- "away" + ducere "to lead" (see duke). The illegal activity so called from 1768; before that the word also was a term in surgery and logic. In the Mercian hymns, L. abductione is glossed by O.E. wiðlaednisse.

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