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Word Example of - abed

    Example Sentences for abed

    I've be'n nosin' 'round buyin' claims while you be'n layin' abed daytimes sleepin' off the hooch.

    Dear heart, do hie you abed and sleep in peace, and let other folks do the like!

    When the clock pointed to half-past eight, Mrs. Rogers rolled up her work, declaring it time for all honest folks to be abed.

    Said he never went out 'less 'twas a dark night until folks was abed.

    He had victimized Abed, who was naturally inclined to believe his false statements, and get off to the ivory market.

    All youthful Madigans were abed, and the older ones were in secure seclusion.

    It was seven or eight in the evening, and the inhabitants of the quarter were abed.

    It's after eight, and when I was little I was abed afore that.

    The household was still astir and the servants not yet all abed.

    And if I is abed, it's better nor being in bed-lam, isn't it?

Word Origin & History of - abed

    Word Origin & History

    abed O.E. on bedde "in bed," from a- (1) + bed.