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Word Example of - aberrant

    Example Sentences for aberrant

    With an inhuman disregard of caste and custom, the aberrant shadows of the passers-by met and mingled one into another.

    The aberrant forms then cease to be, and the mores become uniform.

    It appears to "offer a number of transitional characters between the more typical Procyonidae and the aberrant Cercoleptes."

    It means that only the parent, which is presumably not immortal, is aberrant.

    If there has been inheritance here, marked and aberrant variation is also observed.

    Besides the Lemurs the group includes the aberrant Tarsius and Chiromys.

    We have elsewhere shewn that all aberrant forms unite into a circle of their own.

    The designs represented in plate clvii are aberrant bird forms.

    Upon the whole, the Zuni seems to be most aberrant of the group—saving the Moqui, which has decided Paduca affinities.

    In figure 293 there is an aberrant form of design in which the triangle is used in combination with parallel and oblique bands.

Word Origin & History of - aberrant

    Word Origin & History

    aberrant 1830, originally in natural history, from L. aberrantem (nom. aberrans), prp. of aberrare "to wonder away, go astray" (see aberration).

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