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Word Example of - aberrations

    Example Sentences for aberration

    Doubtless the young man had already seen his error; and really, putting aside that one aberration, he was very nice!

    But no sooner had it done so, than he understood it was an aberration on his part.

    It is found that this point is intimately connected with the phenomenon of aberration.

    A simple rule will find the position of the star due to aberration.

    His call to the ministry was a phenomenon, an aberration of adolescence.

    He smiled in pity for my aberration, but he meant to be kind.

    It was to these qualities that he owed his discoveries of the aberration of light and the nutation of the earth's axis.

    He had awakened as from a dream, after so many years of aberration of intellect.

    For the merely and exclusively rational man is an aberration and nothing but an aberration.

    There is no aberration so long as the receiver is stationary.

Word Origin & History of - aberrations

    Word Origin & History

    aberration 1590s, "a wandering, straying," from L. aberrationem (nom. aberratio) "a wandering," from pp. stem of aberrare "go astray," from ab- "away" + errare "to wander" (see err). Meaning "deviation from the normal type" first attested 1846.