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Word Example of - abetments

    Example Sentences for abetment

    With the aid and abetment of a bottle of excellent Montrachet, however, one contrived to worry through.

    Now Esther herself was offering her own abetment in almost the same terms.

    Then follows a chapter on abetment, in other words, the instigation of a person to do a wrongful act.

Word Origin & History of - abetments

    Word Origin & History

    abet late 14c. (implied in abetting), from O.Fr. abeter "to bait, to harass with dogs," lit. "to cause to bite," from a- "to" (L. ad-) + beter "to bait," from a Gmc. source, perhaps Low Franconian betan "incite," or O.N. beita "cause to bite," from P.Gmc. *baitjan, from PIE base *bheid- "to split" (see fissure).