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Word Example of - abetted

    Example Sentences for abetted

    And in this, he was ably aided and abetted by Reddy, the college trainer.

    Fortunately, his desire to remain in the background was abetted by Tex Lynch.

    It looks like the five of us have abetted an invasion from Mars.

    The devil, possibly,” the man had replied, “but aided and abetted by yourself.

    In this latter occupation they were aided and abetted by a number of the native Californians.

    You have abetted him in it, and very kind of you it was to do so.

    The threshers, abetted by Henry Dorgan, had tried to increase it.

    Their being aided and abetted by Lysander was sufficient; he sent them away discomfited.

    She entered with the joyful anticipation of engaging in that most exciting occupation—shopping—aided and abetted by my wife.

    Mre administered the necessary rebuke, aided and abetted by the daughters.

Word Origin & History of - abetted

    Word Origin & History

    abet late 14c. (implied in abetting), from O.Fr. abeter "to bait, to harass with dogs," lit. "to cause to bite," from a- "to" (L. ad-) + beter "to bait," from a Gmc. source, perhaps Low Franconian betan "incite," or O.N. beita "cause to bite," from P.Gmc. *baitjan, from PIE base *bheid- "to split" (see fissure).