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Word Example of - abiding

    Example Sentences for abiding

    Being entirely ignorant of what was going on, the men of this contingent lay close, abiding their time.

    But for the exiled heart they are not such, but verities of abiding inspiration.

    Although not officially connected with the college, they evidently cherished an abiding interest in its welfare.

    Their work among men is the definition of what is, and the abiding by it.

    Those who knew her in later years can testify to an abiding charm of personality which time could never efface.

    I think I know now the reason why at times we fail in the abiding.

    This work by the great physicist will be found to possess an abiding charm and an intellectual stimulation.

    Have you not seen this in the 15th of John, that abiding and bearing fruit are inseparable?

    Startled as he was, he yet retained his composure, abiding the result with his arms folded upon his breast.

    It is impossible to predict the ideas which will have the most abiding force.

Word Origin & History of - abiding

    Word Origin & History

    abiding late 14c., "enduring," prp. adj. from abide (q.v.)