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Word Example of - abjection

    Example Sentences for abjection

    There is in the young girl all the abjection of the cad and of the school-boy.

    He wanted in that abjection to triumph over the entire East.

    Abjection is not the result of the faithful discharge of duty, however trying the circumstances may be.

    For in my abjection, I own I clutch at straws, miserably anxious for support.

    This sublimeness combines with their abjection to overwhelm them and raise them up.

    Finally his failure and his shame had crushed him into abjection.

    By her silence, her abjection, her suppression, he shall prevail: not otherwise.

    Here the patience, the beauty, the abjection before the Devilish-Divine; there the defiance, the cult of the proud self.

    It is a disgrace to thee to go vagabonding about in this abjection.

    Unless thy law had been my meditation, I had then perhaps perished in my abjection.

Word Origin & History of - abjection

    Word Origin & History of - abjection

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