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Word Example of - abjectness

    Example Sentences for abjectness

    From this state of abjectness I was raised by a young woman of my own class.

    I knew then that I could not alter it even were I to go all the lengths of abjectness.

    We have long enough remained in a state of abjectness; it is time to labor for our advancement.

    Carroll decided that it was because of the intensified melancholy and abjectness and shame of his expression.

    Servility and abjectness of humour is implicitly 35 involved in the charge of lying.

    His first wife, even with her high temper and her ready tongue, had never caused him such a sense of abjectness.

    She fought against it, but the thought of Ditmar reduced to abjectness gained ground.

    What was that abjectness on the honeymoon, that anxious desire to please, to avoid offending, but fear?

    Doyle stood guard over Fleming, who presented a miserable picture of abjectness.

    Thus, I might urge that my present abjectness must be intolerably painful to me, and should incline you to forgive.

Word Origin & History of - abjectness

    Word Origin & History

    abject early 15c., "cast off, rejected," from L. abjectus, pp. of abicere "throw away, cast off," from ab- "away, off" + jacere "to throw" (pp. jactus; see jet (v.)). Fig. sense of "downcast, brought low" first attested 1510s. Related: Abjectly.

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