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What is a better word for abjuration? What's another word for abjuration? What are 5 "abjuration synonyms"? How can I replace the word abjuration? What is the meaning of abjuration in English?

The Synonym of - abjuration (noun)

Word Example of - abjuration

    Example Sentences for abjuration

    But in Marcella's separated heart, the vow of abjuration from the world was already registered.

    The Abjuration Bill and a money bill were awaiting his assent.

    The offer was accepted, his abjuration was taken by a priest, and he was set at liberty.

    Her abjuration, which by no just title could be called an abjuration, had been in vain.

    In their cemetery you have already seen Jeanne d'Arc go through her mockery of "abjuration."

    After the auto de fe was ended, the abjuration was administered.

    I have twice taken the oath of abjuration to the British king and government, and of Allegiance to America.

    Then the secretary recited the abjuration, in which they followed him.

    They even accepted the general's excuse for not at once taking the Oath of Abjuration.

    Being ignorant of the real cause of this abjuration, it surprised the Duke.

Word Origin & History of - abjuration

    Word Origin & History of abjuration

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