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What is a better word for abjure? What's another word for abjure? What are 5 "abjure synonyms"? How can I replace the word abjure? What is the meaning of abjure in English?

Word Example of - abjure

    Example Sentences for abjure

    If this be so, the instinct which has led him gradually to abjure the earlier forms is a true one.

    They then ordered her "to abjure" publicly the various things of which she was accused.

    After a long examination he was desired to abjure, which he refused without the least hesitation.

    That was as impossible as to make them abjure by proclamation, their religion.

    Henry V. was forced to abjure investiture before he could again receive his imperial crown from papal hands.

    Her own swain was waiting for her, but not for that would she abjure the quest.

    But at the age of eighty, I seek quiet, and abjure contention.

    He will then abjure the other King with a mental reservation.

    Four justices could oblige him to abjure his faith or sell his estates.

    Thus, ever in perplexity, I must abjure the theory of Byronic merit.

Word Origin & History of - abjure

    Word Origin & History

    abjure early 15c., from M.Fr. abjurer, from L. abjurare "deny on oath," from ab- "away" + jurare "to swear," related to jus (gen. juris) "law" (see jurist).